Biotabs is a Dutch company with 35 years of experience in growing plants. 10 years ago, the brand specialized in organic cultivation.

What is the use of organic fertilizer ?

The organic growth method relies on the use of compost. Biotabs fertilizers are 100% organic. They harness the full power of organisms in the soil. They will then stimulate these same organisms to transform organic matter into ideal nutrition for plants. This will allow the plants to develop a powerful root system. By displaying bacteria and fungi in your soil, it will help break down more material and turn it into food for your plants. In this way, your soil becomes a factory for the production of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. This solution also protects your plants from certain diseases.

Why choose a natural fertilizer ?

Switching to a 100% organic fertilizer gives a much richer and more intense taste and smell than what you will get with a mineral fertilizer. The fertilizer is then composed of 100% natural plant and animal materials. Natural fertilizer will improve the richness of the soil and promote the growth of your plants. Unlike a mineral fertilizer which will allow rapid growth but which will destroy the soil and the micro-organisms present; an organic fertilizer stimulates the life of the soil making it more alive and richer. The natural fertilizer will also allow the plant to develop in a harmonious and balanced way. The plant is then in better health.

How to set up an organic culture ?

The Biotabs brand offers us a pack consisting of five products for organic indoor cultivation. It allows you to combine all the strength of the brand's products in a growing space. The pack consists of 25 grams of Bactrex, 50 grams of Mycotrex, 10 plant fertilizer tablets, 25 cl of Orgatrex and 250 grams of Startrex. But what do they correspond to?

Startrex Natural Soil Conditioner increases the absorption capacity of the roots of your plants. It provides all the bacteria necessary for a complete regeneration of your soil. Startrex is composed of silicon, humus and fluvic acid which will penetrate into the cells of the plant and their purchaser of essential nutrients.

Mycotrex soil conditioner, combined with the plant, will allow the soil to absorb water and nutrients by over 700% compared to other mineral fertilizers.

Organic fertilizer in the form of a tablet is very easy to use and will improve the quality of your soil and plantations. The nutrients needed by the plant will be absorbed by the soil. This will allow your plants to thrive in healthy soil. Thanks to its slow diffusion, the pellet will last throughout your culture.

Bactrex is an organic soil fertility enhancer. It will provide protection against root diseases. It is a dry, water soluble powder containing a large number of microbes beneficial to the substrate and the root.

Orgatrex Growth and Flowering Booster is a liquid fertilizer to be added to water when watering. Ideal for your plants indoors or outdoors, it is equally suitable for flowers, herbs or shrubs.

Biotabs is a 100% reliable, very easy-to-use, time-saving growth medium. Field tested, many indoor growers and are already very satisfied.

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