The English brand Lumatek, available since 2004, specializes in HPS horticultural lighting. The brand has been able to innovate in the field of electronic ballasts. This made it possible to obtain a more stable current and to be able to manage the light intensity of your lamp when growing indoors.

A few years later, Lumatek extended its range by offering optimized reflectors to modify the lighting area.

The manufacturer specializing in the horticultural lighting industry, is entering the market for LED horticultural bars and spotlights in 2020. Its entry into this market is successful. The brand offers elegant, reliable, powerful, high-performance products that are very well suited to indoor crops as well as for large horticultural projects with maximum homogeneity.

The arrival of the long awaited ZEUS 1000 watts Pro has unfortunately been delayed by this health crisis which has affected the whole world. However, that doesn't spoil the fact that Growled has a direct link with Lumatek. This allows us to have all the necessary information about the evolution of products and guarantee you a preview delivery.

Our company already has all the LED horticultural panels offered by the English brand. Whether the ATTIS range available in 200 or 300 watts. Or even concerning the range of ZEUS available in standard format in 600 or 465 watts, or in Pro version also available in 600 or 465 watts. The only thing missing is the big brother, the famous ZEUS 1000 watts which will be the most powerful in our catalog. This horticultural LED panel will offer you all the advantages for intensive indoor cultivation. It has a full spectrum, has a consumption of 1000 watts and the product is guaranteed for 5 years. This lighting is ultra-efficient over an area of ​​1.6m² x 1.6m². This lamp has OSRAM and LUMLED LEDs, they offer a lighting angle of 120 ° and the product is IP65 certified (waterproof).

Before finishing, if you want to refine your use of ZEUS, lumatek offers you a management console. This will allow you to efficiently manage the temperature, the synchronization of the light as well as its automation. You can also choose the amount of light emitted. The Lumatek Control Panel is equipped with a sunrise or sunset function.

Finally, we have no specific information, and we are waiting a bit so that we can give you a date that is realistic.

In the meantime, you can find all the products of the Lumatek brand on their site.