It is often difficult to choose LED horticultural lighting that is efficient, economical and easy to install. It is also difficult to choose LED lighting among the countless lamps on the market, whether you are an amateur or a professional.

We have prepared a new Top 2020 of the best LED lights on the market, for growing plants indoors. It is obvious that the choice of an LED lamp will depend on your growing area, the type of plant and many other things. This is why we have chosen to classify LED lighting by type of use and by growing area. This TOP 2020 of the best LED lighting combines lamps designed for growing plants as well as flowering.

Let's go for the TOP 2020 of the best LED lights by category!

Best LED lighting by area of ​​40cm x 40cm

SpectraBULB X30

spectrabulb x30

The SpectraBULB X30 is a LED horticultural bulb perfectly adapted to the growth and flowering of plants, in a 40cm x 40cm culture box. Simple to install on an E27 socket, complete spectrum 100% horticultural, this LED bulb is the best option when you want to offer its plants an intense light, complete and effective on a small surface. It can also be used in addition to another lighting, alone or in series. It has high-end OSRAM LEDs that allow better penetration of light in the canopy of plants.

It also has a silent fan <35dB. You will make great savings since this bulb consumes only 30W, for a cost of electricity consumption of only 1 € / month.

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Best LED lights by area of ​​60cm x 60cm


tgl 60

The TGL STAR 60w of the Spanish brand Todogrowled is perfectly adapted to an area of ​​60cm x 60cm, especially in growth. It has a CREE LED CXB3070 for a consumption of 55W. This 3500K spectrum light and equivalent to a 130W HPS lamp delivers impressive results. Used by many growers on fairly small surfaces, the TGL 60 is a big competitor in the battle of LED horticultural lighting!

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HLG 65 V2

HLG 65 V2

In this category, we have named Horticultural Lighting Group HLG 65 V2 LED horticultural lighting. With 65W of consumption and 120 LEDs Samsung LM301B, the LED panel of the famous brand is proving to be a competitor of weight among the other lights. Ideal for a box of culture of 40cm x 40cm, this one offers a complete white spectrum of 4000K, 100% optimized for the growth and the flowering of the plants in a small space. It has the famous high efficiency QB120 Quantum Board panels and can easily replace a 200W CFL lamp.

Growing area: 60cm x 60cm

Blooming area: 30cm x 60cm

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Best LED lights by area of ​​80cm x 80cm

Spider Series 150

spider series 150

The Spider Series 150 is a powerful LED horticultural lighting consisting of 4 LED bars. It is 100% optimized for the growth and flowering of plants indoors. It is equipped with Samsung LM301B LEDs and a high-end MeanWell power supply. Thanks to its dimmer, you will be able to manage the intensity of the light to adapt it to the best development of your plants.

This LED lamp, from the French brand CannaLED consumes 133W and has a passive heatsink so as not to overheat. The Spider is also 100% silent, it can easily fit in a culture box placed in a room.

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Best LED lights per 100cm x 100cm area

SpectraPANEL X640

spectrapanel x640

BloomLED hits hard with its SpectraPANEL X640! This ultra-powerful LED horticultural lighting is suitable for growing and flowering indoor plants. It has CREE 3590 TOP BIN and OSRAM LEDs. Consuming 400W, this system will allow you to make significant savings over the long term. Indeed, its electrical cost is about 20 € / month. Supplied with two lenses (60 ° and 120 °), SpectraPANEL offers a homogeneous and optimized spectrum for excellent plant development.

The major asset of the SpectraPANEL X640 is its flowering booster, which its competitors do not have. This booster can be activated during the flowering phases, in order to offer plants a lighting more adapted to their needs.

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Best LED lights by 120cm x 120cm area

Rhino Series 560

rhino series 560

Just like its other range: Spider Series, CannaLED still produces very good LED lights for plants here. The Rhino Series are LED panels optimized for growth and flowering. They have Samsung LM301B LEDs and 660nm Deep Red LEDs suitable for flowering plants. Rhinos are also dimmable (dimmer not supplied). Their maximum growing area is 1.2m² x 1.2m².

The consumption of Rhino Series 560 is 480W. These ultra-efficient panels have a complete white spectrum (3500K). Their high-end MeanWell power supply allows these panels to be as efficient as they are durable (IP67 waterproof power connector). They are delivered with European plug.

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Best LED lights by area of ​​1.4m x 1.4m


hlg 550 v2 rspec

The American brand Horticulture Lighting Group, known is recognized among the farmers offers us here an excellent model! The HLG 550 V2 R-SPEC is as efficient as it is elegant. This panel consumes 480W and has the latest Samsung LM301B LEDs and deep red market. It has 4 LED panels Quantum Boards and diffuses a powerful white light. Due to its passive heatsink, the HLG 550 V2 R-SPEC offers the best comfort for all indoor growers.

It has a full spectrum spectrum and a high efficiency MeanWell dimmer. Optimized for an area of ​​140cm x 140cm in flowering phase and 180cm x 180cm in growth phase, the HLG 550 V2 RSPEC is perfect for growers who are not cold-eyed and want to grow in a fairly large box of culture .

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Best LED lighting for terrarium

TM of the TerraLED brand

tm terraled

Without a doubt and without any hesitation, the LED TM ramps of the French brand TerraLED is THE range to know if one wishes to launch in the terrariophilie! Recommended by several famous Youtubeurs of the world of terrariums (Toopet, Eublepharis ...), the brand offers quality LED lighting, at more than fair prices.

Available in 4 sizes 4 powers, LED TM ramps are suitable for several sizes of terrariums. 100% Plug & Play, these lights offer a quality white light, which does not distort the terrarium and even seems to offer natural light (similar to that of the day). Equipped with Samsung LEDs and hardly heating, the TM are perfect to be placed on a terrarium or suspended above.

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Best LED lighting for plant walls

Spot 50W GreenVisuaLED

spot led 50w

Perfectly suited to green plants and plant walls, the GreenVisuaLED 50W LED Spotlight offers a natural and powerful white light. Totally silent and equipped with Philips LEDs, it is also water resistant (IP65). You can easily orient it towards your plant wall and allow your plants to develop in the best conditions.

Specially designed to promote plant growth, the 50W LED Spot GVL is equipped with quality electronic components, allowing it to enjoy an unrivaled lifespan.

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Best LED horticultural bar



The SpectraLINE of the French brand BloomLED is undoubtedly the best LED bar on the market. Designed specifically for cuttings, seedlings and seedlings, this bar is sold Plug & Play! It is supplied with its mounting hardware and can easily replace a neon.

100% adapted to plants, this bar is equipped with the latest SMD LEDs in order to offer a homogeneous lighting to young plants. Available in 30cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm, as well as IP65 (resistant to water jets and moisture), this bar is resistant and optimized for indoor cultivation. Moreover, it is very economical!

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Best LED lighting for laboratory research

Heliospectra RX30


Designed in Sweden by hard-working engineers and botanists, Heliospectra RX30 is suitable for laboratory research. With its WiFi system, its 9 different spectra (adjustable with a software interface), you can manage as you like the lighting of your plants.

Its cultivation area is 120cm x 120cm and its wavelengths range from 370nm (UVA) to 735nm (Far-Red). Ideal for greenhouses and laboratories, its intelligent functionalities will allow you to perfectly know the needs of plants, to satisfy them and to create specific environments for their development.

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