The TGL STAR 60 is the perfect lighting if you want to grow indoors with a high-tech LED lamp, ultra-efficient and with an excellent quality / price ratio. Thanks to its LED technology, you will be able to make significant savings over the long term. Compact and solid, this lighting from the Spanish brand Todogrowled offers many advantages.tgl star 60

100% Plug & Play, this LED system has been specially designed for indoor growing, for successful harvests. It has been manufactured to optimize the growth and flowering of plants, in small spaces. It can also be installed with other STAR 60 TGLs in series, in order to cultivate a wider area. The height of the lamp can be adjusted to give plants the ideal amount of light they need.

The TGL STAR 60 has CREE CXB 3070 3500K high-end LEDs. Without fans, with passive dissipation, silent ... this LED lighting perfectly combines performance with comfort. It covers a growing area of ​​50cm x 50cm in bloom and 60cm x 60cm in growth. We advise the use of 4 TGL STAR lamps to cultivate a surface of 1m².

tgl star

It also has a high-end power supply MeanWell HBG-60-1400A Regulable. Thanks to its dimensions of 16cm x 13cm and its 2.1kg, the TGL STAR 60W is easily manageable and installable in a growing box, above the plants.
This product is guaranteed for 2 years and has a lifespan of approximately 50 000h.

This product actually consumes 55W for an average production of 75g.

This model represents the latest advances in LED technology, guaranteeing excellent performance and very good harvests. The TGL STAR works illuminates with a single powerful light point, allowing an important penetration in the canopy of the plants. 100% economical, this LED lamp can grow without significant costs, for professional performance.

The suggested distance above the top of the plants is 50 and 60cm, from germination to flowering. During flowering phases, you can approach 15 to 30cm of flowers.