Lovers of plants and flowers, this article has dedicated you! We will not talk about how to sow the seeds (you probably know it already) but the small comfort that you can offer your plants to grow at home at home!

And yes thanks to technology, this is now possible! As we all know, for a good bloom it takes water and sun! So how do you think we can replace the sun?

Nothing's easier ! Thanks to the SpectraBULB x 55 from the French company: BloomLED!

You are not a professional and you have no idea about it?

You do not know what to choose ? And where to buy them with good value for money?

No problem, we take care of everything! Through this article, we will talk about the SpectraBULB X55, its benefits, and its features! We will also tell you where to order your SpectraBULB x55, of good quality and without breaking the bank!

To choose your horticultural lamp, we recommend the site:, which is famous for its wide choice of high-end LED horticultural lamps!

You will find perfect lighting for the growth and flowering of your plants indoors!

BloomLED, manufacturer of the SpectraBULB range, and therefore the SpectraBULB X55 is one of the French pillars of LED horticultural lighting. It is therefore a specialized site that will guarantee you a good value for money with a secure and guaranteed material! Now, let's talk about this little wonder!

1- The Led Horticultural Lamp: SpectraBULB x 55:

Presentation :

The horticultural bulb LED: SpectraBULB x 55, is perfect to replace a bulb ECO of 125 / 200W! Because she is Plug & Play!

You will not need ballast, you just need to connect it directly to the 230VAC!

We also recommend the use of a reinforced reflector to keep the bulb straight and spread the light evenly!

This high-performance LED lighting offers a maximum lighting area of ​​60cm x 60cm.

It is therefore ideal for the growth and flowering of plants indoors!

This horticultural bulb is perfect to come to settle in a room of culture and to light your plants!

It is characterized by a low consumption of about 2.5 euros per month, and its maximum lighting area of ​​60 cm x 60 cm which makes it a very competitive lamp compared to other horticultural lighting!

SpectraBULB x 55: The advantages !

The SpectraBULB X55 is designed with an E40 socket and can be used with a reinforced reflector! This lighting will offer you a spectrum of light perfectly absorbed by plants!

By opting for this lighting mode you will get:

  •     A complete spectrum 3500K
  •     Samsung LM301b LEDs
  •     Growth and flowering
  •     A powerful light
  •     Without mercury
  •     Optimized for growth and flowering
  •     Total silence, thanks to its high-end aluminum heat sink!
  •     Its Samsung LEDs are downward to ensure harmonious lighting and easily assimilated easily by your plants! It adapts very easily to any room of culture!
  •     Very solid, this lighting is thought to be solid and durable!
  •     This bulb was built without substances harmful to health, so you can use it safely!
  •     For typical plants: Aromates, bonsai, carnivorous plants and cactus, these lamps are all equipped with a standard E27 breve!

2- The SpectraBULB x 55: 55W Horticultural Led Bulb with E40 Plug & Play Cap: The Technical Data Sheet!

- Power consumption: 55 W

- The cultivation area: 60 cm x 60 cm

- LEDs: LEDs Samsung LM301B

- The Specter: Complete Spectrum 3500k

- The lighting angle: 120 °

- The recommended distance of the canopy: 30 cm

- Plug & Play: Yes!

- Life time: 50.000H

- The size: 300 mm x 90 mm

- The manufacturer's warranty: 2 years with replacement to new if necessary!

- The size of the product (L x W x H): 30 x 9 x 9 cm

- The weight in kg: 800 grams!

- The flowering area: 30 cm x 30 cm

- The area for growth: 40 cm x 40 cm

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