CANNALED is a brand that manufactures LED lights for your indoor cultivation, they have two types of products the "STANDARD" versions and the "PRO" versions.

Gamme PRO

In this article, I'm going to tell you about the "PRO" range, the Rhino Series 130 & 260 PRO which have all the necessary components for your indoor growing.

Both panels are equipped with a dimmer which will allow you to reduce your consumption during growth and increase for better performance in flowering.

These panels have a full spectrum of 3000K, 5000K and 660nm red LED's ideal for optimizing the flowering of your plants, they also have UV and Infrared which will improve the development of your plants, improve the taste and aroma of your fruits and increase the root mass of your plants!

The small version measures 30cm x 30cm x 9cm and the large version measures 60.8cm x 30cm x 9cm!

They are equipped with a high quality heat sink, they are totally silent, they come with two black pulleys that will allow you to manage the height of your LED panel. The panels are equipped with a very long power cable which is advantageous when you grow indoors!

The Rhino Series 130 PRO can cover a maximum area of 80cm x 80cm and consumes 130W.
If you ask, it has an equivalent of about 180W HPS.

The Rhino Series 260 PRO can cover a maximum area of 120cm x 80cm and consumes 260W.
It has an equivalent of about 330W HPS.
Since this model measures 60cm x 30cm, I advise you to put it in a 60cm x 60cm box and you will have incredible results.

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