Ignator HeroLED

The Ignator HeroLED brand offers us 2 products unknown to the battalion which are really interesting in terms of quality / price ratio! The first thing that you notice is the packaging which includes the product with an orange background, there is real investment in the packaging.

Once the product is unpacked, we find inside, the LED Horticultural lighting, a large manual, the power cable and a cable for perhaps a future management console.

Ignator HeroLED R240W/B240W

Their sizes

The R240W is suitable for a more square / rectangular growing surface due to its size (63.5cm x 25.6cm x 8.5cm) therefore smaller and shorter boxes such as for example a Gorilla Shorty Indoor - 60x120x150 / 170cm.

While the B240W version is suitable for a longer cultivation surface due to its size (114.9cm x 12.6cm x 8.5cm) therefore to longer and narrower boxes.

Their weights

The two products weigh exactly the same weight (4kgs), they are exactly the same only the configuration is different to better adapt to different culture chambers. So the R240W version has 4 LED bars while the B240W has 2.


Its full spectrum is suitable for the growth and flowering of your plants. We advise you to put the lighting at 40-70cm from the tops of your growing plants and 20-50cm during flowering for good results.


It is possible to vary the power of your lighting thanks to the integrated dimmer, you will be able to perfectly manage the lighting during your growth and flowering phases.


This product is IP 65 certified and therefore protects against splashing water and is also resistant to temperatures from -20 ° C to 40 ° C.

It is sold 100% Plug & Play - Ready to install with a kit of suspensions with pulleys and a power cable with European plug