For several months now, we have wanted to equip ourselves professionally in order to be able to test and compare all the brands we offer on the GrowLED site.

Today we have a multitude of brands and we cannot be satisfied with the information transmitted by the manufacturers. However, we still select the brands with which we work and are far from what we can see on Amazon .... With us you will not see 1000W consuming 50W in the end.

Today the effectiveness of horticultural LEDs is no longer to be demonstrated, the new growing rooms are all equipped with horticultural LEDs. It is now ONLY the most economical solution, it is also the most efficient! Today we have systems in our catalog that go beyond HPS / MH lamps and CMH lamps.

On the lights that you will find on the GrowLED site, you will be able to see horticultural lamps equipped with COB LEDs, SMD LEDs, full spectrum LEDs etc ... So you had to be able to orient yourself. Our team is made up of growers, but we do not have the possibility of growing with all the lamps on our catalog.

We therefore received two PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) testers. These systems allow us to obtain the performance of LED horticultural panels by computer. We will return to the PPFD in greater detail in the near future (µmol / m2 / s). It is to simplify, the amount of light that the plant can assimilate.

tests led grow lights

test led grow lights

Over several days, Sophie carried out all of the measurements (more than 2,500 measurements, etc.). We have different floors depending on the lighting area. We do not test the same points on a 60cm x 60cm crop area as 150cm x 150cm. However, we always test the same amount of points.

Today we therefore have a huge database allowing us to compare the lighting between them. The lights passed in our laboratory will all have a mention allowing you to know the performance of these.

You will therefore soon find all the measures with possibilities for comparison.

See you soon !