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Discover the BionicPan P400WX, LED horticultural lighting ideal for growing indoors, growing phases or flowering plants! This product is an evolution of the P400WC, especially in terms of power, fans, housing and reflectors!

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COB White: COB CREE CXB3070 / COB Full Spectrum with LEDs 3W

Lighting aera

100x90 cm / 90x80 cm / 80x60 cm



The BionicPan P400WX is an autonomous LED lighting system, complete and perfectly optimized for indoor cultivation! Its reliability is well established and the use of COB CREE makes it a high performance LED horticultural lighting.

This product is the new version of the BionicPan WC. In order to gain 20% in luminous efficiency and reduce noise by 30%, the Bionicled team has notably improved power supplies and fans. The housing and reflectors have also been upgraded to provide a more compact LED lamp than the previous one and a more optimized COB spacing.

Auto ventilated and integrating its own power supply, the P400WX is perfectly adapted to all phases of growth or flowering plants.


The BionicPan P400WX uses its COB Full Spectrum COB (Chip on Board) CLU04H of CITIZEN to provide reliable and consistent illumination. The COB thus refines its spectrum by selecting the wavelength of each 3W LED. For the COB Blanc, this high-end lighting has a COB CREE CXB 3070, powerful and durable!

The peak in the blues of the lighting corresponds perfectly to the vegetative phase of the plant. The reds and oranges are they, mainly adapted to the flowering.

The hybrid spectrum of BionicPan is obtained thanks to the two types of COB (COB 200W and COB CREE CXB3070). The COB 7 wavelength offers 100% assimilable lighting by plants.


PAR measurements at 40cm of plants:

LEDs power400w
Power consumption190-200W
Coverage area100x90 cm / 90x80 cm / 80x60 cm
LEDsCOB White: COB CREE CXB3070 / COB Full Spectrum with LEDs 3W
Recommended distance from the canopy35 - 70cm
Mobile appNo
Thermal managementBuilt-in fan
Daisy chainNo
Size29 x 18 x 8,5 cm
Product weight4.2 Kg

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