Extractor Prima Klima WHSP ECTC - Ø150/160mm - Temperature controller - 1400m³/h - Silencer Prima Klima - 1 Expand

Extractor Prima Klima WHSP ECTC - Ø150/160mm - Temperature controller - 1400m³/h - Silencer

  • Diameter: 150 / 160 mm   
  • Maximum airflow: 1400 m³/h
  • Power: 0-170 W
  • Weight: 3.85 kg
  • Dimensions: 334 x 367 mm
  • Powerful, quiet, energy efficient

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Prima Klima PK160-WHSP: the quietest and most efficient professional air extractor

The Prima Klima PK160-WHSP is a high quality air extractor designed to be efficient and discreet. Equipped with an EC motor and temperature control, it belongs to the Whisperblower range. This unique design makes the extractor 2.5 times quieter than other models in its class while offering 35% more airflow and 15% more pressure resistance.

Product content

  • 1 Prima Klima PK160-WHSP air extractor   
  • 1 remote temperature sensor

Key features of Prima Klima PK160-WHSP

  • Double diameter of 150/160 mm to fit 150 mm and 160 mm ducts 
  • Maximum air flow rate of 1400 m³/h
  • Power rating of 170 W
  • Weight 3.85 kg
  • 230 V 50/60 Hz input
  • Remote temperature sensor
  • Adjustable speed and temperature
  • Maximum operating temperature of 50°C
  • Thermoswitch protection
  • German EBM-Papst motor
  • Made in Germany

Robust and soundproof

The PK160-WHSP is designed to be robust and soundproof. Its nylon polyamide shell provides excellent sound insulation of up to 4 dB, as well as increased resistance to heat and impact. In addition, the new blade geometry and long-life, maintenance-free ball bearings ensure particularly quiet operation.

Smart design

The PK160-WHSP has an intelligent design that reduces vibration and cuts power requirements by 15%. Its optimised aerodynamic shape also optimises airflow to create more pressure with the same power consumption. The shell, with its colour and material designed for maximum light reflection without loss to plants, is particularly suitable for horticultural use.

Questions / Answers

  • Can the speed of the PK160-WHSP be adjusted?

Yes, the PK160-WHSP is equipped with an adjustable speed system that allows you to modulate the airflow according to your needs.

  • Is the PK160-WHSP compatible with 150 mm and 160 mm ducts?

Yes, the PK160-WHSP is equipped with a 150/160 mm diameter which allows it to fit 150 mm and 160 mm ducts. This versatility is particularly useful for adapting to different ventilation configurations.

  • How powerful is the PK160-WHSP extractor?

The PK160-WHSP has an output of 170 W, which makes it particularly powerful and capable of handling a maximum airflow of 1400 m³/h.

  • Is the PK160-WHSP easy to maintain?

Yes, the PK160-WHSP is designed to be easy to maintain thanks to its long-life, maintenance-free ball bearings. Regular cleaning of the intake grille and keeping the ducts free of obstructions is sufficient to ensure optimal operation.

  • Is the PK160-WHSP guaranteed?

Yes, the PK160-WHSP is guaranteed. The terms and conditions of this warranty are specified in the document that came with the product. It is recommended that you keep this document and refer to it if necessary.



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Data sheet

Diameter - Ø150/160 mm
Flow in m3950m3/h
Optimized for use with carbon filterYes
Speed managementYes
Type of extractorWith Thermocontroller