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BlueLab - Guardian Monitor - PH, EC, Temperature tester - Perfect for monitoring different parameters

    • Monitor pH, EC and temperature 24/7 without any issues.
    • Possibility of pH calibration thanks to the various instructions on the screen.
    • An alert when various parameters are out of range.
    • 2m cable to be able to position the monitor anywhere.
    • Integral fixing for poles, walls or racks.

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    More info

    By installing the Bluelab Guardian monitor, you will have the ability to measure the pH, EC and temperature of your home, in order to check the electronic conduit.

    This device is durable and will allow you to have a more precise vision on your tank or your hydroponic system.

    Your need for monitoring will be reduced

    This will save you time and effort as this product monitors your parameters 24/7.

    You will no longer need to do regular checks because this device takes care of everything, but you will only need to adjust the nutrients and the pH. All you have to do is focus on growing your plants.

    By regularly monitoring nutrient intake, fluctuations can be spotted and corrected when problems arise. Maintaining these stable parameters (ventilation, sunshine, plant growth...) will ultimately result in healthier plants and perfect growth and flowering cycle tracking. 

    An innovative and efficient product

    The Guardian Bluelab monitor is a new way to grow successfully with fast, accurate and efficient results.

    If the settings have been changed, a flashing display will inform you and allow you to quickly make the necessary adjustments.

    The Guardian's careful monitoring and alarm system will allow you to

    • relax because you will have more time to do other activities than watching your crops
    • reduce the risk of diseases due to an imbalance of nutrients or pH
    • succeed in any case your horticultural production
    • don't need to have full control over your culture.

    What are the product features?

    • Ability to manage screen brightness
    • Large LED screen allowing you to visualize the characteristics of the product at a glance
    • Ease of use with just the push of a button
    • Possibility to select the values ​​yourself for temperature and conductivity
    • Possibility to set the visual alarms yourself in order to know the parameters out of range.
    • Maximum reservoir conditions
    • Water resistance
    • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand
    • Possibility of investing in a Bluelab probe maintenance kit.
    • Possibility of adopting a connected BlueLab Guardian monitor
    • Guaranteed 2 years
    • Supplied with a user manual
    • International food
    • Automatically regulating temperature
    • Keeps your data even during a power outage
    • Completely silent alarm
    • No conductivity and temperature calibration required

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