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Pack content

  • Optimal Light Reflection: 70D Mylar for 95
  • Quick Assembly: Swift setup for hassle-free cultivation.
  • Secure Growing: 100% waterproof
  • Accessory Support: Sturdy frame handles up to 10kg of accessories.
  • Flexible Ventilation: Adjustable socks for versatile airflow

Discover the Hydro Shoot 60x60x158cm Version 2 - Secret Jardin's state-of-the-art grow tent. This cultivation chamber features 70D Mylar walls, providing an impressive 95% light reflection rate. As an expert cultivator, I attest to its efficiency.

Expert Cultivator Review:

"The Hydro Shoot R2 optimized my indoor cultivation. Its exceptional light reflection maximized plant growth. Easy assembly, sturdy structure – it's a must-have choice."

Product Features:

  • Reflective Efficiency: 70D Mylar walls for 95% light reflection.
  • Quick Assembly: Swiftly set up the Hydro Shoot R2 for hassle-free cultivation.
  • Waterproof & Lightproof: 100% water and light-tight for optimal conditions.
  • Aluminum Frame: Sturdy aluminum frame supports up to 10kg of accessories.
  • Versatile Configuration: Adjustable extraction and intake socks for various setups.

Questions/Answers Space:

  • Q: How durable is the Hydro Shoot's structure?

    • A: The Hydro Shoot features a robust steel structure with a 16mm diameter, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Q: Can I customize the ventilation setup?

    • A: Certainly, the tent provides adjustable extraction and intake socks, offering flexibility in ventilation configurations.
  • Q: What's the maximum weight the frame can support?

    • A: The aluminum frame can handle a total weight of 10kg, accommodating various accessories for your cultivation needs.

Rhino 130 V3 is the ideal lighting for cultivating efficiently and serenely indoors. Its Samsung LM301B LEDs and its 660nm deep red LEDs make it possible to optimize the development of plants during growth and flowering. It is also possible to make it dimmable (sold with dimmer), which makes it easy to manage the lighting intensity.

Powerful LED Panels - White Spectrum - 3500K

Rhino 130 V3

The horticultural LED panel Rhino Series 130 V3 is the ideal lighting to cultivate serenely indoors. Thanks to its Samsung LM301B L<EDs (Quantum Board panels), its full spectrum white and its 660nm deep red LEDs, it greatly optimizes the development of plants.

This lighting is ideal for a cultivation area of ​​about 60cm x 60cm. It also has a waterproof power connector (IP67) and comes with a European plug.

It features a high-end MeanWell power supply XLG-150-H-AB MW driver.

Le Spectre complet du RHINO 130 V3

Why choose Rhino 130 V3 ?

Rhino 130 V3 is the perfect lighting for growing and flowering indoor plants. Designed specifically for indoor planting, this premium LED panel has a full spectrum white (3500K), which emits intense light. It is also dimmable (sold with dimmer), allowing the user to control the intensity of the light.

Its horticultural spectrum provides significant penetration into the canopy of plants, to significantly optimize the development and therefore the crops that will follow. This LED lighting also consumes very low electricity, which is a significant advantage compared to other lamps on the market. Its consumption saves a lot of energy and money over the long term.

This product is guaranteed 3 years with replacement to new.

The RHINO SERIES product line uses high quality and powerful components for indoor growing. The LEDs used by these horticultural lamps are among the best LEDs on the market. Our horticultural panels are composed of Samsung LEDs, but also a MeanWell power supply. Thanks to their complete spectrum, these lights optimize the development of plants indoors. Each lamp also comes with a European plug for easy installation.

Data sheet

Coverage area60 x 60cm
Type of UseGrowth and Flowering
Lighting typePanels
FunctionsIntegrated dimmer
Thermal managementPassive - Completely silent
PowerBetween 100W and 200W
  • Easy speed adjustment
  • Suitable for various space sizes
  • Energy-efficient
  • Durable and reliable
  • Promotes plant growth

Air renewal is crucial to ensure an optimal environment for plant growth, regardless of your background in cultivation. The TT MAX 125 - 2 Speeds - 220-280M3/H Extractor from Garden HIGHPRO is the ideal tool for this essential task. In this product sheet, we will provide you with all the necessary information about this high-performance fan while adhering to SEO rules.

Product Description:

Technical Specifications:

  • Speed 1: 220 m³/h - 23 Watt
  • Speed 2: 280 m³/h - 37 Watt
  • Connection Diameter: 125 mm
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Robust Construction:

The TT MAX Profan 125mm is made of high-quality ABS plastic, ensuring exceptional durability. It is designed for air renewal or air intake in your planting spaces, providing an environment conducive to plant growth.

Offset Flanges for Easy Installation:

Thanks to its offset flanges, you can easily connect it to any network of ducts and ducts with a 125mm diameter. Installation requires minimal effort, allowing you to focus more on your plants.

Two Speeds for Maximum Versatility:

The TT MAX 125 Extractor is equipped with a two-speed motor, offering increased flexibility. The adjustment button is located on the side of the electrical connection box, allowing you to switch between speeds with a simple click. This gives you complete control over air circulation in your growing space.

Expert Cultivator's Review:

"With the TT MAX Extractor from Garden HIGHPRO, I was able to optimize the environment in my cultivation greenhouse. Its two speeds allowed me to adjust ventilation according to my plant's needs, promoting their growth and health. Its sturdy construction gave me confidence in its durability, and its easy installation was a real asset. It's a must-have for any serious cultivator."

In summary, the TT MAX 125 - 2 Speeds - 220-280M3/H Extractor from Garden HIGHPRO is the perfect tool to ensure optimal air circulation in your planting space. Its robust construction, two speeds, and easy installation make it a wise choice for cultivators concerned about their plant's health. Don't let air quality hinder your cultivation success. Choose the TT MAX 125 and create an ideal environment for plant growth.

Questions & Answers Section:

Q: What is the practical difference between the two speeds of the TT MAX 125 Extractor?

A: Speed 1 (220 m³/h) is ideal for efficient air renewal in smaller spaces, while Speed 2 (280 m³/h) is recommended for larger spaces requiring increased air circulation.

Q: Can this extractor be used in a large greenhouse?

A: Yes, the TT MAX 125 Extractor is suitable for a variety of greenhouse sizes and planting spaces, ensuring adequate ventilation.

Q: Is this extractor energy-efficient?

A: Yes, with a consumption of only 23 watts in Speed 1 and 37 watts in Speed 2, it is energy-efficient while maintaining optimal performance.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have!

Data sheet

Plug & PlayYes
Size12.5 cm
Product weight1.8 kg
Diameter - Ø125 mm
Flow in m3220 - 280 m3/h
Optimized for use with carbon filterNo
Speed management2 speeds
Type of extractor2 Speeds

This 3m and 125mm diameter sheath is robust, it is lined to prevent any odor or heat leakage.

Data sheet

Size 3m
Diameter - Ø125 mm

Adjustable clamping collar, ideal for air extractors from 25 to 175 mm.

Textile jar by Garden HighPro that can hold 7L of potting soil.

Discover the Biobizz Try Pack fertilizer pack for indoor growing.

This pack includes 3 bottles of 250mL of fertilizer.

This pack contains 3 bottles of 250mL:

  •     Bio-Bloom - 250mL
  •     Bio-Grow - 250mL
  •     Top-Max - 250mL

Optimize your indoor cultivation easily with this complete and powerful fertilizer pack!

Bio Grow: Organic Growth Fertilizer rich in vitamins, sugars and microelements compatible with all types of potting soil.

Bio Bloom: This fertilizer for flowering is very rich in trace elements, enzymes and amino acids favoring the flowering of plants and the development of flowers.

Top Max: This stimulant for 100% organic flowering provides plants with the nutrients they need to bloom liberally, produce sugars and more aromas.

  • Accelerates rapid growth
  • Suitable for organic farming
  • Airy and light texture
  • pH balanced for plant health
  • Ideal for beginners and experts


Discover Biobizz's Light Mix Soil, an innovative substrate designed for farmers and gardeners who prioritize 100% organic or mineral products. Ideal for the healthy and robust growth of your plants, this soil is an essential partner for efficient and environmentally friendly gardening.

Product Features

  • Manufacturer: Biobizz
  • Product Type: Soil (substrate)
  • Use: Suitable for seedlings, cuttings, and mature plants
  • Composition: Various peats, coconut fiber, perlite
  • Characteristics: pH stable, draining, airy
  • Packaging: 20-liter bag

Benefits of the Light Mix Soil

  • Enriched with Microorganisms: Ensures optimal root system growth and excellent nutrient assimilation.
  • Flexibility: Allows the addition of fertilizers in powder or liquid form.
  • Balanced Environment: Ideal for the development of all plants.
  • Ease of Use: Pleasant to work with, highly draining, and airy.

Review by an Expert Grower

"As a cultivator, I have long been looking for a soil that meets my ecological standards while ensuring robust growth of my plants. With Biobizz's Light Mix Soil, I've found a reliable ally. Its richness in microorganisms and its airy texture have allowed me to optimize my crops while maintaining perfect control over nutrient inputs. An indispensable product for any gardener concerned about quality and ecology!"

Questions/Answers for Cultivators

  • Q: Can I use this soil for all plant growth stages?

    • A: Absolutely! The Light Mix is suitable for seedlings, cuttings, and even mature plants.
  • Q: Do I need to add fertilizers from the beginning?

    • A: No, the soil already contains essential nutrients. You can add fertilizers according to your plants' specific needs.
  • Q: Is this soil suitable for organic farming?

    • A: Yes, Biobizz's Light Mix is entirely designed for use in 100% organic farming.
  • Q: How should I store unused soil?

    • A: Keep it in a dry and cool place to preserve its qualities.


Biobizz's Light Mix Soil is a wise choice for any gardener wanting to combine environmental respect with effectiveness. It offers an ideal growth environment for your plants, ensuring health and vigor. For efficient and ecological cultivation, opt for Biobizz's Light Mix Soil!

This mechanical programmer will allow you to perfectly manage the frequencies and the lighting times of your lamps!