Complete pack 60x60cm – Pureled Q150- hydroshoot 60 - Ventilation kit without carbon filter - Pots and potting soils

Discover the complete pack without carbon filter to cultivate serenely indoors! This pack includes pureled q150 lighting, a secret jardin hydroshoot 60 - 60x60x160 cm grow box, and all the equipment needed for successful indoor growing!

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Pack content

Discover the PureLED Q150 panels in 150 watts for areas of 60 x 60cm. Thanks to their full spectrum, you will be able to cultivate easily and efficiently in growth and flowering.

Discover the PureLED Q150 panels in 150 watts for areas of 60 x 60cm. Thanks to their full spectrum, you will be able to cultivate easily and efficiently in growth and flowering.

The Q150, like its cousins, has a dimmer to adjust the light intensity and increase the different phases of the life of your plants. It offers a light output of 2.5 mol / J.

Composed of Samsung and Honglitronics LEDs, it offers a homogeneous distribution of light.

Lightweight and with no moving parts, it is completely silent.



  • Consumption: 150 watts
  • Yield: 2.5 mol / J
  • Growing and flowering cultivation area: 60 x 60cm
  • Dimensions: 382 x 379 x 68.5 mm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Input voltage: 100-277V, AC
  • Moisture protection: IP 65
  • LED: Samsung SMD2835, Honglitronics SMD3535


spectre pureled

Data sheet

Power consumption150W
Coverage area60 x 60cm
LEDsSamsung SMD2835 / Honglitronics SMD3535
SpectrumFull Spectrum - Grow and Bloom
Plug & PlayYes
Zero noiseYes
Size382 x 379 x 68,5 mm
Product weight2,8 kg
Manufacturer's Warranty3 years

Discover the 60 x 60 x 158cm Hydro Shoot grow box from Secret Jardin. This box has Mylar 70D walls offering a light reflection rate of 95%.

Quickly and simply mount this grow room.

The Hydro Shoot R2 is the brand new generation of culture boxes from Secret Jardin! They are made of Mylar 70D for a light reflection of 95%. These boxes are also 100% waterproof and lightproof.

The Hydro Shoots have an aluminum chassis. You will be able to attach all your accessories for a total weight of 10kg. They also have an internal silver face (High Reflektion + 98%), and are 100% Mylar.

The structure of the Hydro Shoots is robust since it is made of steel Ø 16 mm. You will have extraction and attraction socks offering you different configurations.

Discover the garden extractor TT Max 125mm from the Garden HighPro brand and perfectly control the environment of your indoor culture!

Product not compatible with a dimmer

Equipped with a two-speed motor, the TT Max 125 mm is the ideal extractor for indoor growing! With a diameter of 125mm, it can be easily connected to ducts with clamps.

Thanks to its two speeds, you will be able to go from 220 to 280 m3 / h! This product is sold Plug & Play

Product not compatible with a dimmer

Data sheet

Plug & PlayYes
Size12.5 cm
Product weight1.8 kg
Diameter - Ø125 mm
Flow in m3220 - 280 m3/h
Optimized for use with carbon filterNo
Speed management2 speeds
Type of extractor2 Speeds

This 3m and 125mm diameter sheath is robust, it is lined to prevent any odor or heat leakage.

Data sheet

Size 3m
Diameter - Ø125 mm

7L culture pot.

Garden saucer 21 x 21, perfect for drainage in pots of 5.6 / 5.8L.

Discover the Light Mix 50L soil from Biobizz. Intended for growth and flowering, this soil is a perfect mix of peat and perlite!

Encourage the growth and good development of your plants with Light Mix Biobizz potting soil in 50L! Little fattened, it will guarantee a rapid evolution of the roots and will promote the growth of your plants.

Discover the Biobizz Try Pack fertilizer pack for indoor growing.

This pack includes 3 bottles of 250mL of fertilizer.

This pack contains 3 bottles of 250mL:

  •     Bio-Bloom - 250mL
  •     Bio-Grow - 250mL
  •     Top-Max - 250mL

Optimize your indoor cultivation easily with this complete and powerful fertilizer pack!

Bio Grow: Organic Growth Fertilizer rich in vitamins, sugars and microelements compatible with all types of potting soil.

Bio Bloom: This fertilizer for flowering is very rich in trace elements, enzymes and amino acids favoring the flowering of plants and the development of flowers.

Top Max: This stimulant for 100% organic flowering provides plants with the nutrients they need to bloom liberally, produce sugars and more aromas.

Adjustable clamping collar, ideal for air extractors from 25 to 175 mm.