Complete Pack - 40x40cm - Rhino 70 - HomeLAB 40 - Without Charcoal Filter

Discover our complete pack made by us for a culture surface of 40x40cm!

This pack does not contain a carbon filter!

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Pack description

Inside this pack you will find everything you need to get a successful culture!

  • Rhino 70
  • Prima Klima air extractor 100 mm - 2 Speeds
  • Try Pack Indoor Biobizz
  • Bag of soil - Light-Mix 50L - Biobizz x1
  • Mechanical programmer 24h / 15min
  • Aluminum/PVC Combi sheath 3m - 100 mm
  • Clamp 25 - 175mm x3
  • HomeLAB 40 40 x 40 x 120 cm
  • Jar 7L - 20 x 20 x 25cm x4
  • Saucer 21x21cm x4

Pack content

RHINO 70 V3 is a LED horticultural lighting ideal for growing and flowering plants indoors. It adapts perfectly to the growing box. With its Samsung LM301B LEDs and its 660nm deep red LEDs, it will help your plants to develop in the best conditions !

Powerful LED Panel Quantum Board - White Spectrum - 3500K

No Dimmable

Rhino 70 V3

The horticultural LED panel Rhino Series 70 V3 is the ideal lighting to cultivate serenely indoors. Thanks to its Samsung LM301B LEDs (Quantum Board panels), its full spectrum white and its 660nm deep red LEDs, it greatly optimizes the development of plants.

This lighting is ideal for a cultivation area of ​​about 40cm x 40cm. It also has a waterproof power connector (IP67) and comes with a European plug.

It features a high-end MeanWell power supply.

Non dimmable LED Light

Complete Spectrum Rhino 70 V3

Why choose Rhino 70 V3?

Rhino 70 V3 is the perfect lighting for growing and flowering indoor plants. Designed specifically for indoor planting, this premium LED panel has a full spectrum white (3500K), which emits intense light.

Its horticultural spectrum provides significant penetration into the canopy of plants, to significantly optimize the development and therefore the crops that will follow. This LED lighting also consumes very low electricity, which is a significant advantage compared to other lamps on the market. Its consumption saves a lot of energy and money over the long term.

This product is guaranteed 2 years with replacement to new.

The RHINO SERIES product line uses high quality and powerful components for indoor growing. The LEDs used by these horticultural lamps are among the best LEDs on the market. Our horticultural panels are composed of Samsung LEDs, but also a MeanWell power supply. Thanks to their complete spectrum, these lights optimize the development of plants indoors. Each lamp also comes with a European plug for easy installation.

Discover the HomeLAB HL40, the growing chamber of 40 x 40 x 120cm!

Start your indoor growing right now with the HomeLab HL40. Created by the HomeBox brand, the HL40 is ideal for growing efficiently indoors. All farmers will find their account!

Prima Klima offers us their PK100-L 2-speed extractor! Excellent to control the environment of your grow room!

Product not compatible with a variator

Diameter: 100mm

This 100 mm diameter product is perfect to control the environment of its indoor cultivation. With two speeds ( 160m3/h or 280m3/h), it can be used as an extractor or as an air intractor in your culture chamber.

This 100mm diameter extractor has 2 speeds ! (160m3/h and 280m3/h)

It is made of impact-resistant and durable polyamide!

Perfect to be used as an air extractor or intractor!

Data sheet

Power consumption40 W
Plug & PlayYes
Manufacturer's Warranty2 years
Diameter - Ø100 mm
Flow in m3160 et 280m3//h
Optimized for use with carbon filterYes
Speed management2 speeds
Type of extractor2 Speeds

7L culture pot.

Garden saucer 21 x 21, perfect for drainage in pots of 5.6 / 5.8L.

Discover the Light Mix 50L soil from Biobizz. Intended for growth and flowering, this soil is a perfect mix of peat and perlite!

Encourage the growth and good development of your plants with Light Mix Biobizz potting soil in 50L! Little fattened, it will guarantee a rapid evolution of the roots and will promote the growth of your plants.

Discover the Biobizz Try Pack fertilizer pack for indoor growing.

This pack includes 3 bottles of 250mL of fertilizer.

This pack contains 3 bottles of 250mL:

  •     Bio-Bloom - 250mL
  •     Bio-Grow - 250mL
  •     Top-Max - 250mL

Optimize your indoor cultivation easily with this complete and powerful fertilizer pack!

Bio Grow: Organic Growth Fertilizer rich in vitamins, sugars and microelements compatible with all types of potting soil.

Bio Bloom: This fertilizer for flowering is very rich in trace elements, enzymes and amino acids favoring the flowering of plants and the development of flowers.

Top Max: This stimulant for 100% organic flowering provides plants with the nutrients they need to bloom liberally, produce sugars and more aromas.

This mechanical programmer will allow you to perfectly manage the frequencies and the lighting times of your lamps!

Adjustable clamping collar, ideal for air extractors from 25 to 175 mm.

Discover the Phonic Trap 3m and 100mm diameter pre-cut sheath! This sheath offers absolute comfort by immediately reducing the noise level of the air flow passing through it.

100% French manufacturing

The high quality Phonic Trap 3m 100mm duct is ideal for reducing the often unpleasant sound level of air flow. It reduces noise by around 50% compared to a conventional aluminum sheath. It is completely light-tight thanks to its black coating.

This sheath adapts to all types of extractors, intractors or even aerators.

Its composition:

  • Microporous non-woven interior hose that absorbs noise. Its spiral frame is made of hard steel.
  • Its second layer of wadding comes from a product of sustainable development
  • Black plastic-coated aluminum exterior hose with integrated vapor barrier

Data sheet

Diameter - Ø100 mm
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