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Lumatek is a company created in 2004, first specialized in HPS lamps. In 2019, the company decided to launch a range of LEDs for horticulture. These products are intended for indoor growers and horticulture professionals.

Presentation of the company LUMATEK

The English brand LUMATEK is very present on the French market. Indeed, it offers professional lighting solutions adapted to your horticultural projects as well as indoor growing. This brand is considered to be the one with the most effective product ranges on the market. It also offers a five-year covered warranty. Present in more than thirty countries, this company provides economical and high quality products.

Importance of LUMATEK products for plants

To develop, a plant needs light. The latter is essential for their photosynthesis. This involves transforming carbon dioxide in the presence of light to produce oxygen and carbohydrates. The plant absorbs the carbon dioxide present while rejecting oxygen. This operation is essential for the survival of all living things. The quantity and quality of light received are decisive for carrying out this process. When growing outdoors, the sun is responsible for providing the essential light. For indoor crops, hydroponics or in areas with little sun, it is imperative to provide light artificially. A good way to do this is to opt for the lighting solutions offered by LUMATEK.

An economical solution for your plants

It was from 2004 that the LUMATEK company began to manufacture light bulbs and ballast. The latter is an electrical part composed of fluorescent bulbs and fluorescent lights. It can power several lamps at the same time. If you buy it, it will help to significantly reduce energy consumption. In turn, heating bills will be lower. Your indoor plants can get the lighting they need for survival at a lower cost. In addition, the use of this brand’s ballast helps increase the life of the lamps. It can cut off the power of defective lamps while preventing those at the end of their life from flashing. Choosing to use LUMATEK products significantly reduces your impact on the environment.


LUMATEK brand products

The LUMATEK brand provides everything necessary for horticultural lighting, namely lamps, ballasts and panels. It uses LED technology in the production of its products. Using this technology allows it to market reliable and efficient products. Regularly, specialists carry out tests and consider LUMATEK as one of the best horticultural lighting companies for almost 10 years. In 2020, it markets ATTIS LED panels. The latter come in two formats of 200 W and 300 W. In fact, it is a lighting system specially designed for grow rooms with an area of ​​80 * 80cm. It is to be preferred during the growth and flowering phase of the plant.

Lumatek also released the Zeus 600W and Zeus 600W PRO, horticultural lighting with high-end LEDs for a crop area of ​​at least 1.5m². Thanks to their full spectrum, their OSRAM and PHILIPS LEDs, or even their waterproofness, these lamps will allow you to grow your plants efficiently but also with a certain comfort.

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