Complete pack 100x100cm - SpectraWild S240 - Hydroshoot 100 - Ventilation kit without carbon filter - Pots and soil

Discover the complete pack without charcoal filter to grow serenely indoors! This pack includes a SpectraWild S240 lighting, a Secret Jardin Hydroshoot 100 - 100x100x200 cm, and all the necessary equipment for a successful indoor growing !

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Pack content

Discover the new LED horticultural lighting from BloomLED: The SpectraWILD S240! This system consisting of 4 LED bars offers a full spectrum, optimized for the growth and flowering of indoor plants!

Samsung LEDs - MeanWell Power Supply

Max FootPrint: 100cm x 100cm

Compatible with the management console.

spectrawild s240 full spectrum


spectrawild s240 bloomled

Discover the SpectraWILD S240, a powerful horticultural system composed of 4 LED bars! Equipped with the best Samsung TOP BIN LEDs on the market, it offers a full spectrum, ideal for covering a growing area of ​​100cm x 100cm and flowering 80cm x 80cm.

With its size of 50cm x 50cm, the SpectraWILD S240 can easily fit into a 60cm x 60cm culture box.

Samsung TOP BIN LEDs allow you to obtain extraordinary, homogeneous and efficient performance over an entire growing area. Its spectrum, 100% adapted to the growth and flowering of indoor plants, is the result of numerous internal tests by the manufacturer BloomLED. This will provide you with high-performance LED lighting for growing plants.

The SpectraWILD S240 is also designed for grow rooms. It adapts to both amateur and professional growers and will in all cases meet all your requirements.

Spectre S240

Spectre horticole led gamme spectrawild barre culture plantes serres greenhouse samsung top bin

console de gestion

Keep control over your growing space

The SpectraWILD S240 can connect to the management console. This allows you to control the intensity of the lighting 100% and simulate a sunrise and sunset. You can also manage the intensity of the lighting according to the temperature of the growing environment. For example, if the temperature is too high for you (and your plants), you will be able to automatically lower the intensity of the lamp. You will be able to manage up to 400 lamps at the same time, with a single management console!


1 - Take the bars and power supplies out of the box
2 - Place the central power supply on a table
3 - Slide the bars into the housing. You must have 4 bars to fix
4 - As soon as you hear a "Clip" your bar is fixed!
5 - Connect the bars to the different connectors
6 - Now you just have to suspend your system
7 - And you can now connect the EU plug to your network

Tests / Mesures

spectrawild s240 testsspectrawild s240 tests

spectrawild s240 tests


Data sheet

LEDs power240Watts
Power consumption240Watts
HPS or MH equivalent400Watts
Coverage area100 x 100cm
SpectrumFull Spectrum - Grow and Bloom
Lens angle120°
Recommended distance from the canopy40/50cm
Plug & PlayYes
Mobile appNo
Thermal managementPassive - Completely silent
Daisy chainYes
Zero noiseYes
Temp. working environment-20°C ~+40°C
Size50cm x 50cm
Product includesPower cable EU Plug and suspensions
Manufacturer's Warranty3 years

Discover the 100 x 100 x 198cm Hydro Shoot grow box from Secret Jardin. This box has Mylar 70D walls offering a light reflection rate of 95%.

Mount this culture chamber simply and quickly.

The Hydro Shoot R2 100 x 100 x 198cm is the new generation of culture boxes from Secret Jardin! They are made of Mylar 70D for a light reflection of 95%. These boxes are also 100% waterproof and lightproof.

The Hydro Shoots have an aluminum chassis. You will be able to attach all your accessories for a total weight of 10kg. They also have an internal silver face (High Reflektion + 98%), and are 100% Mylar.

The structure of the Hydro Shoots is robust since it is made of steel Ø 16 mm. You will have extraction and attraction socks offering you different configurations.

Discover the PROFAN TT 150 - 405 and 520m3 / h air extractor, ideal for easy and efficient control of the environment in your growing box!

Product not compatible with a dimmer

Data sheet

Plug & PlayYes
Diameter - Ø150 mm
Flow in m3405 - 520 m3/h
Optimized for use with carbon filterNo
Speed management2 speeds
Type of extractor2 Speeds

Combi Sheath Alu / PVC 152mm - 3m

Data sheet

Diameter - Ø150 mm

Adjustable clamping collar, ideal for air extractors from 25 to 175 mm.

This mechanical programmer will allow you to perfectly manage the frequencies and the lighting times of your lamps!

Discover the Tripart starter pack from Terra Aquatica.

This fertilizer kit will be perfectly suited to any grower under any type of crop. Versatile for cultivation in coconut substrate, potting soil or hydro, it will be the ideal nutritional asset for the good gardener.

This complete fertilizer pack is suitable for all gardeners that he cultivates indoors or outdoors, the effectiveness of this product will be equivalent.

The three fertilizers in this pack will be used throughout the life phase of your plantations, but with doses varying over the weeks.

All of the trace elements and nutrients present in these fertilizers will allow your plants to grow healthy and bloom abundantly.

The StarterKit Tripart consists of:

- Tripart - Original FloraGro: This fertilizer is the essential nutrient base for the growth and good root development of your plants. NPK 3-1-6

- Tripart - Original FloraBloom: This fertilizer will allow the stimulation and development of the buds in the flowering phase in order to bring you voluminous and quality results. NPK 0-5-4

- Tripart - Original FloraMicro: This last fertilizer, which complements the others, will strengthen the presence of microelements in your substrate in order to provide your plants with all the nutrients necessary for its development. NPK 5-0-1

In addition you will find a leaflet for the dosage of your fertilizers according to the growth period of your plants as well as a 25gr sachet of pH- powder.

Discover the Light Mix 50L soil from Biobizz. Intended for growth and flowering, this soil is a perfect mix of peat and perlite!

Encourage the growth and good development of your plants with Light Mix Biobizz potting soil in 50L! Little fattened, it will guarantee a rapid evolution of the roots and will promote the growth of your plants.

Black 11L pots 25 x 25 x 25,5cm are perfect to grow quietly indoors!

Square saucer in 23 x 23cm.